I am a serious (scared of cheating) Zenophobe. And I must...

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304 days, 23 hours, 51 minutes ago
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I am a serious (scared of cheating) Zenophobe. And I must...Write Reply
I am a serious (scared of cheating) Zenophobe. And I must state for the record, that GLYN actually caught a cheater, in a game of mine, and informed us ALL (and removed the weirdo/culprit), in a game 2-3 years ago. And have seen him diligently enter/exit games to check/re-check (over years), to ensure that all is as it should be, many times.
304 days, 23 hours, 24 minutes ago
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RE: I am a serious (scared of cheating) Zenophobe. And I must...Write Reply
Nowadays I tend to just mention 'Player Affinity', which to be clear doesn't mean I'm convinced they are cheating (violating Rule 2). Just that there is no denying that the accounts have played together often... for which there is no rule against and I'm not against.

I've done this a fair bit in people's Sector Activity Feeds, which Joshua stated long ago I was allowed to do.

Now Happy Daze publicly stated he reported me to the Admins for doing that, which I then responded by pointing out Happy Daze was Whisperer's alternate account. Part of me regrets that... I should have waited till Happy Daze and the Whisperer account ended up in the same Sector... exposing Whisperer for using alternate accounts to argue with me in the Activity Feed isn't quite as bad as undeniably being caught violating Rule 2.

There is another debate about if we should ever publicly expose people for violating Rule 2... as often people are mistaken and it is really hard to know for certain no matter how much evidence there is.

But sometimes it is obvious... such as multiple accounts in a Sector one by one going from unviewed, to viewed, to ready in the same two hour period.

Yes I sat there taking screenshots for two hours to catch this person... then submitted it all to the Admins... was anything done about it? Maybe... "they" claimed someone messed with their passwords and eventually resigned the Sector, and since then have accussed me of hacking their accounts and take the odd opportunity to insult me in the Activity Feed.

I'd prefer they be banned like eleven other accounts I exposed back in 2015 (http://play.planets.nu/#/sector/90237)... but oh well.