It' easier to explain with a sample ...

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It' easier to explain with a sample ...Write Reply
It' easier to explain with a sample

Dpending on your mines your planet produces the four minerals.

You have three figures for each mineral (in sum 12).

ore in ground
ore mined
mining rate depending on mines built

Look at the Duranium column - in ground 3, on the surface 634, mining 3kt per turn (exhausted mineral)

Compare that to the Tritanium column 7565 kt in ground, 634 kt on the surface and 38 kt mined per turn.

Why 38kt? Density is 25% means 100 mines would produce 25kt minerals per turn. Here we have 150 mines which means 150*0,25 = 37,5 rounds 38kt.

If you raise your mines to 200 - you would earn 50kt of Tritanium, but still 3kt Duranium (because there is no Dur left in the ground).

Hope that explains how the stats should be read.

With that knowledge you could start planing how much mines I need to get enough minerals for ship building :)
93 days, 18 hours, 33 minutes ago
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RE: It' easier to explain with a sample ...Write Reply
Thanks so much for this. 
this makes it much clearer. 
I was trying to calculate it myself, but what threw me off was that i kept getting double the mining rate. Then I realised i was playing Lizards, with racial ability 2x mine rate! Makes sense now..