Note from the Host: I'll post meta game notes in this...

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remus 187 (The Privateers)
Note from the Host: I'll post meta game notes in this...Write Reply
Note from the Host: I'll post meta game notes in this feed. In game, I will assume character.

The primary objective of this game is to rid the Alpha Quadrant of the Borg menace. Sorry guys, you are toast! After that, if we succeed, the we shall battle for dominance of the sector. Original alliances (our teams) are unbreakable, but temporary alliances (between teams) are destined to fail. This is not backstabbing, don't get upset when another team decides it's time to fight your team. I personally don't ever break alliances in other games, but this game is designed so that we will have to fight each other after the Borg are dead...or maybe before they die. We don't actually have to work together at all, but the Borg do have 3 players, so it might be advisable. Play however you want, and have fun. If your team decides that they want to help the Borg and become a subjugated race...well, I guess that's cool too.
Due to the nature of the team mechanic in this game, if someone needs to drop out due to personal reasons we will pause the game until a replacement is found. We waited 4 months to get the players together, we don't want the game ruined by droppers. Also, I will pause the game for anyone (including myself) who needs extra time for their turn, just let me know in this feed. I want your best game. If you notice that your teammate has not taken their turn then message me and I will pause the game for that too.
Regarding resignations: There is no dishonor in resigning a game that is lost but this must be a team decision. If one team member thinks they still have a chance or is just having fun playing then we can pause the game until another player is found.
Just in case you don't know the races:
The Feds = The Federation
The Crystals = The Tholians
The Lizards = The Gorn
The Birds = The Romulans
The Fascists = The Klingons
The Privateers = The Orions
I think that's it. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Thanks for signing up. I hope to see all of you in a 100 turns!!!