shiplimit ... a root cause for headaches and endless...

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shiplimit ... a root cause for headaches and endless...Write Reply
shiplimit ... a root cause for headaches and endless discussions in planets :) why?

What is the shiplimit

During game setup the host of the game decides how much ships are allowed in a sector. Here in our game it's set to 500 (default value). All player together can build 500 ships. When the ship limit is hit and further buildings are restricted.

More details here

When is shiplimit hit
In normal games with 11 players the shiplimit is hit roundabout turn 30-35. In Championship games it's earlier T23-T26 (and a bunch of guys betting how fast it will be hit).

So what ... how does it influence my empire?

When shiplimit is hit, in most sectors ship building comes to a stop ... yes builds happens, but much slowier than in the building phase. For most races it's difficult to replace their losses in battles and keep their strength.

To sum up - the fleet you have ready when the shiplimit is hit, is your fleet to win the sector. You can add some ships, but not much. As mentioned above, you have 30 turns to build the fleet.

The big challenge is to utilize the given 30 turns to build a wining fleet. It's all about eco and spending minerals to the right ship hulls ||| equipement.

To improve your performance you should focus to 50% to improve your eco building, 25% extend your knowledge about your played races (advantages, fleet composition) and 25% how to setup an attack wave and battles.