When you look at the game info there are two very important...

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commander koski (The Evil Empire)
When you look at the game info there are two very important...Write Reply
When you look at the game info there are two very important tabs:

1. Score.

Every turn you see who is gaining and what. In the beginning of the game you can see ship exchanges there: the ship amount are so small, so you can easily count, who gets more ships than is able to build and who donated it.

2. Charts.

Planet count is not that important. You can jump around with probes and land 1 clan - no biggie. But military tells you who are the top dogs in your sector. Some races have always larger military due to fighters and some smaller military (torp ships), so you can analyse the military graph better after some experience. For example if a Fascist player has just a little smaller military than a carrier race, this means usually that the Fascist player actually has the upper hand as with cloaking ships etc. the player can dictate time and place of battles. Rule of thumb: if a torpedo race has got higher military than a carrier race, the player is either really good, the other players are really bad OR there is something fishy going on. For example in this game right now:

It's turn 29, I've got 14 Gorbies and some fighters in them. The Lizards can have crazy economic starts and can build a lot of firepower quickly, but how can he still have military this high? Well, I found out that he is cloning Biocides. :I