Whisperer's Planets.nu Scripts and Services

Whisperer's Planets.nu Scripts and Services


I created a few scripts for use with the Planets.nu site/game. This web page describes those scripts.

Planets.nu Research Assistant
This tool is used to research the history of players in a game and individual players and their history. When researching an individual player, the following information is displayed for each race the player has activated: It is also possible to check the Player Information and "Player Affinity" (term coined by CrystalCT in his Intelligence Center plugin) for all players in the player's last 5 games, or in the player's entire game history. It also has the ability to check the Player Information and "Player Affinity" for a game.
Planets.nu Game Finder Tool
This tool is used to locate games that you might be interrested in joining. It allows complex searches on many aspects of a game to simplify the task of locating a game that you're interested in playing, without digging through screen after screen of data.
Planets.nu Ship Calculator Tool
This tool is used to determine the costs and minerals required to build, clone or refit a ship. It also displays information on the selected ship hull.
Planets.nu Post ID Tool
This tool is used to generate links to specific posts in a thread. The list of posts displayed can be limited to only posts by a specific player. In addition, it can be limited to only posts containing specific words.
PLS Settings Assistant Tool
This tool is used to assist players in selecting safe PLS settings for a game.
Planet Density Calculator
This tool is used to calculate the planet density in a Sector, and provide the Homeworld Cluster parameters to have the same planet density. A consistent planet density makes it more difficult for scripts to locate a player's Homeworld. This page is in ALPHA, as it doesn't completely account for the changes in planet density due to Nebulae and Star Clusters.


I also run a few services to assist Plugin Developers and Game Hosts.

Client Change Notification
I have a service that monitors the Client. When it changes, the script can automatically notify players who wish to receive such notification. This information would be of use to players who write Plugins, and want to know when re-testing might be required. To use this service, the player needs to send me a PM.
Player Join Notification.
I have a service that monitors Public Custom games. When the player list changes, the Host of the game will be notified via PM. To use this service, the Host needs to send me a PM. Only the Host may request that a game be monitored, and only Public games will be monitored.

A service of this nature is useful because the in-game messages about players entering and exiting the game are not transmitted to the Host, or to other players. In addition, this service performs a small amount of research on the entering players, to help the Host. This service will be most useful in games where the Host isn't playing.

When a player leaves a game, and the position is marked by the system as "open", the Host receives a PM. This allows them to advertise the availability of an open position on the Activity Feed, and, if appropriate, pause the game. When a player slot is set to "dead", no message will be sent, as this does not require any action from the Host.

When a new player enters the game, a PM is sent to the Host. That PM includes the player's ID, and race. It also contains information on how many times the player has resigned/dropped or died in the last 10 and 20 games (up to the limit of the games the player has been in - see sample message at the end of this post). Finally, if the player has been a recipient of the Tim Continuum, that information will be included in the PM.

When a game is added to the list of monitored games, the above information will be sent to the Host on all active players.

At this time, the only known action that a Host can take to remove a player from the game is to pause the game and request that the unwanted player leave. If this doesn't work, the Admins might respond to a request from the Host to remove a player from a Custom game (I don't know their policy on this). For Hosts who want a bit more control over their game, please vote for "https://planets.uservoice.com/forums/136520-general/suggestions/19286422-allow-a-game-host-to-eject-players-from-games-they", and/or send a message to Big Beefer requesting this change, or something similar.

The game summary sent to the Host includes all games (up to 20) that a player has been in (Resigned, Dropped, Dead or Completed), including games as a replacement, and MvM games.