Stacking of racial abilities generates killer combos that...

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Stacking of racial abilities generates killer combos that...Write Reply
Stacking of racial abilities generates killer combos that are not possible to answer without resorting to stacking of racial abilities to counter.

Adding artificial burden, such as FC matching just creates more work, the core situation doesn't change: if the other guy does it, you will need to do it too.

>* restricting ship based racial abilities to ships of this race only
* restricting all ship abilities (except cloaking) only to the race which has this ship on it's ship list.

These are something I could support for the most part. But I'm scared of the prospect of not being able to capture FCCs or use a Loki / Glory for decloaking. About not being able to trap an MBR for capture and get those immense logistical benefits. Maybe terraformers shouldn't stop working either?

But Lizards hissing from foreign ships, Klingons pillaging from foreign ships (The lone dude pillaging a maxed out world from a PL21 is a particular favourite) , Crystals laying webs from foreign ships, Birds cloak intercepting with foreign ships, Robots dropping 4x fields or Colonies sweeping from foreign ships I would be happy to see gone. And of course all those racial combat bonuses - begone from foreign designs!

What comes to Web, yes it is the most powerful weapon in the game. The single balancing change to this that would really improve the game, would be making ion storms deactivate web mines. Interesting decisions guaranteed!