Utility script: altervative resource viewer

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Utility script: altervative resource viewerWrite Reply
This script replaces the current method of drawing resource circles with new versions as follows:

Minerals (all 4):
Shows one, possibly 2 circles. The outer circle show the total amount of minerals on the planet. The radius of the circle represents the amount on the planet, and the thickness of the circle represents the density (if known). This circle will always be displayed if mineral info is available for the planet (including from dark sense or superspy). If it is known how much of the mineral has been mined, another brighter circle will be drawn inside the first to show this level as well.

Supplies & Megacredits:
Shows one circle, where the radius represents the amount on the planet and the thickness of the circle represents the production for next turn (tax income for megacredits, supplies produced for supplies, includes bovinoid production)

Colonists & Natives:
Shows one circle, diameter represents population size, thickness represents growth for the next turn. In addition Natives will display a letter on the planet representing the native type. V=Avian, X=Amorphous, everything else is the first letter of the native type (H=Humanoid, etc.) The size of the letter represents the government level of the natives, the bigger the better.

Shows one small circle around the planet, the color of which represents the temperature (similar to dtolman's script), with green being near 50, red near 100, blue near 0, and gradient colors to show the relative levels in between

All of these options are available under the Map Tools. It is possible to show more than one at once if you do not clear the screen in between, but things can become confusing quite quickly when you do. The colors were chosen without too much thought, so I'm open to opinions on those, and any other suggestions as well. There's a fair amount that could be changed here.