"Whisperer: As a Mentor, you won an MvM game...

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"Whisperer: As a Mentor, you won an MvM game...Write Reply
"Whisperer: As a Mentor, you won an MvM game (http://planets.nu/#/sector/115534 - Vega Sector). You do know that your Vega Sector game, where you defeated 15 new players, is still your highest scoring game at 1544 Achievement Points, don't you?"

@Whisperer: Seeing as you've already stated this before in this thread, and I addressed it... your poor memory is again getting the better of you.

Here is my reply again since you appear too stupid to remember my response the first time you attempted this pathetic troll;
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"Glyn: Nope... I already had all my Crystal Campaign-mode Advantages and was at the top of the Crystal leaderboard before MvsMs even existed.

You need to see a professional about your poor memory, and it wouldn't hurt if you saw a clinical psychologist about your egomania.

"Whisperer: you should be aware that the game where I earned most of my Achievement Points"

I am aware that you trolled Thrane on this site endlessly about his idea to form a group of players that don't violate agreements and that you declared no one was allowed to create such groups without your permission.

You are also on the record saying high-planet-number Sectors shouldn't be allowed and classifed them as farming in your BS article (http://help.planets.nu/g-game-farming)... then accused Thrane of exactly that and then joined that game anyhow.

Making you a giant steaming pile of hypocrite."
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Also saying I defeated 15 new players is a bit silly when nearly all of them, like in the average MvsM, resigned/dropped early on. Unlike you, I actually HELPED beginners in MvsMs instead of what you did, take advantage of them to serve your goal of farming.
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"Whisperer: NOT a beginner game (http://planets.nu/#/sector/172898), but was, in fact, a Campaign game with a 1.07 DM for Ensign through Captain"

A game that you wouldn't even be allowed to join had you not made your alternate account Happy Daze to do so... I feel like you low intelligence is hampering your comprehension and why you don't understand why you are now viewed as a hyporcite by everyone here.

I still find it amusing Whisperer accuses others of quoting out of context and then does so himself endlessly... he can't even quote an entire sentence let alone the relevant before and after sentences.

"Glyn: I used farming to bump my rank up"

vs the full quote

"Glyn: I used farming to bump my rank up as a protest to get the ranking system re-adjusted; http://planets.nu/discussion/protest-farming-experiment-conclusion-im-now-ranked"

Also note I didn't capitalize rank... which from reading context you'd know it was about the Leaderboard rank as in what # from the top.

Seeing as I copied Gurgeh to bring attention to the Achievment Point loophole and get Joshua to remove it... Whisperer mocking me for losing the Achivement Points makes absolutely no sense since that was the desired outcome.