20 Questions on the Campaign Games

Saturday, December 22, 2012
EchoClusterVeteran made an excellent post requesting more details about the Campaign abilities. The questions and answers are listed in this post. If you have more questions to add to this list post them in the comments and we'll answer them here. 

1. Starbase Money Transfer.  Are "Send Money" and "Receive Money" primary orders for a starbase?  So consequently, for instance, a base would not be able to repair itself while receiving money?

Yes they are both starbase primary orders.

2. Starbase Minesweep.  Is this also a primary order?  Does the beam tech determine the base's sweeping power?  What is the formula?

Also a starbase primary order. The formula is the normal amount and tech level of defense beams sweeping normally as if they were on a ship. (see the starbase defense screen to see how many beams you have)

3. Starbase Mine Laying.  Is this also a primary order?  How does this work?  Do all torpedoes in stock get converted or are there ways to convert only some?  Is anything contingent on the base tech level?

Yes, starbase mine laying is also a primary order. All torpedos in stock are converted to torpedos as if they were on a ship. No specific tech level required.  

4. Enlighten Class Research Vessel.  It takes four turns to raise a government level, but is their education level actually raised 5% each turn?  In other words, do you reap benefits from educating them every turn or just every fourth turn?  Also, does education happen after movement similar to the terraformers?

The natives are educated 5% per turn and you get the benefit. You can see the native tax bonus amount on the planet screen next to the native government. Happens after movement.

5. Starbase Fighter Sweeping.  Does this happen automatically or does an order have to be set?

This is also a starbase primary mission. You set your starbase to "Mine Sweep" and if you have fighter minesweep active they will go out and do the job. 

6. Super Spy Command.  Is NTP now useable as a friendly code for planets in general, or does it only work when a Bird changes the planet's code?  Is NTP case sensitive?  Is there anything notable about ion pulses when changing a planet to NTP?

NTP is not case sensitive. It works only for attacking birdmen with the Super Spy Command mission turned on. They do not have to be the one that changes the friendly code. Normal Ion Pulse chance. 

7. Armored Ore Condenser.  Does the ore condensation occur before or after movement?  If after, does it occur before or after mineral mine production?

After movement, before mining.

8. D7b Painmaker Class Cruiser.  Does this glory device cause 20% damage to Fascist ships at the same point in space like the Nefarious?

Yes, 20% of 50% of a mine hit. (so 10% of a regular minehit)

9. D19c Nefarious Class Destroyer.  Is there any difference between this ship and the D19b besides the number of engines?


10. Saber Class Shield Generator.  Does this ship have a glory device?  Do the extra shields that this generates all show up in the VCR?

Yes, the Saber Shield Generator still has a glory device. Yes, they show up in the VCRs in the client version 3 or later (currently play.planets.nu only). 

11. Plunder Planet.  Does Pillage Planet have to be enabled in order for Plunder to work?  Is this a new ship mission?  Would Pillage and Plunder both be available?

You can not disable Pillage Planet. So yes, you must have both enabled. It is the same mission you can not have both available.  

12. B41b Explorer.  Can this receive a chunnel from either a Firecloud or a B222b?  When receiving a chunnel, does this ship need to be set at warp 0 and have no tow beams locked on it?

B41b works exactly like a Firecloud, except it can not initiate a chunnel. Only be a chunnel target.  

13. B222b Destroyer.  This ship can "chunnel itself", so does that imply that no other ships can follow along?  If the B222b chunnels itself to a B200 probe, does the B200 need warp 0 and no tow locked on it?  Can the B200 really receive a chunnel right after hyperjumping?

No other ships can go with the B222b. Only itself. Yes, the B200 follows all the rules of a firecloud when it is a chunnel target. Because the warp is reset to 0, yes.  

14. New Topaz Gunboats.  Is my understanding correct that these can escape a battle that they lose?

No. They keep fighting on the same turn until they either win or lose. But they keep coming back with one less beam weapon until their are no beams left. (Each beam represents one gunboat)

15. Improved Desert Habitation.  What are the growth and max population formulas?  Do Crystalline colonists only grow faster on temperature 85+ planets?

Max pop is unchanged. The growth formula affects growth rate at all temperatures. See the host code below:

if (raceId == (int)Races.Crystal)                    
colMax = 1000 * planet.Temp;                        
colGrowth = Round((double)(((double)planet.Temp / 100) * ((double)planet.Clans / 20) * (5 / ((double)planet.ColonistTaxRate + 5))));

//crystal improved desert habitation                        
if (IsActive(db, RaceAdvantages.ImprovedDesertHabitation, planet.OwnerId))                                                    
colGrowth = Round((((double)planet.Temp * (double)planet.Temp) / 4000) * ((double)planet.Clans / 20) * (5 / ((double)planet.ColonistTaxRate + 5)));       


16. New RU25/RU30.  Do these essentially work the same as the new Crystal Topaz ships?  If not, what are the differences?

They work exactly like the new Topaz. 

17. Destroy Planet.  Is this a ship ability unique to the Gorbie or a race ability unique to an Empire Gorbie?  Is "Destroy Planet" a ship mission?  Are large ships owned by the Evil Empire immune to being destroyed when they suddenly find themselves in the middle of the debris disc?  What if it is a different Evil Empire player?  How close do the destroyed planets have to be to cause a chain reaction?  In the new debris disc, is there any relationship between the mineral content and/or densities of the new asteroids and the original planet?  Any chance for natives?  What happens if some crazy Emperor destroys so many planets that there are no longer enough in the Echo Cluster to satisfy a victory condition?

The destroy planet feature is race specific not ship specific. Only an Empire player can destroy a planet because any other race would be destroyed by the resulting debris disc. The Empire have debris Disc defense which allows their large ships to survive. But they must then move slowly and carefully out of the debris disc they create. A different EE player with the advantage on could perform the mission. 

When a planet is destroyed, there is a sudden shift in the gravity of the region which will affect nearby planets causing them all to move slightly away from the destroyed planet. After this affect the resulting debris disc will randomly range from 24 to 44ly in diameter and any planets inside that range will also blow up creating the chain reaction. The new debris disc planetoids will have the same mineral amounts as normal planetoids. There is no chance of natives however.  

Since all of the win conditions at Nu are based on a percent of planets there is no chance of this happenning. However, they could affect the required number of planets to win. 

18. Sage Class Repair Ship.  Does this repair all damage in one turn?  Does this use a ship mission?  Does this repair all ships at the same point in space?

Yes it repairs all damage in one turn. It is a mission just like the starbase fix mission. You set the mission (it is a normal ship mission) and choose the target. The next turn the ship is fixed. Crew is not restored.

19. Iron Lady Class Command Ship.  Does this cause movement for ships at that point in space to occur between Alchemy and Lay Mines in the host order?  What effect, if any, does the presence of this ship have on towing?

Yes, right after Alchemy. Towing ships at a command ship move first. Then normal ship movement at a command ship. If another ship is trying to tow at ship at a command ship then that ship will have already moved before the tow can be performed. It is effectively completely safe against a cloaked tow ship as long as it keeps moving.  

20. Energy Defense Field.  Is the friendly code EDF case sensitive?  Can Birds remove the defense shield by changing the friendly code?  If so, are they then able to see whatever "cloaked" Falcons are there?  Is the 50 fuel per turn taken off the planet's surface before or after mineral mine production?

Not case sensitive. Yes, birds can remove the shield by changing the friendly. This would expose the cloaked falcons and make them vulnerable to attack. 
The 50 fuel is burned right before combat, before mineral mine production.

21. We have an open Fed slot in the campaign game I'm currently playing.  If someone jumps in as a replacement, can that person use only the abilities/fleet that he has researched and enabled himself, or does he inherit the abilities/fleet established by the original player?

Once a player joins with a set of abilities those abilities are set for the entire game. If a new player joins they get the old player's abilities. 

22. Which, if any, of the new ships' abilities are race-dependent?  Can the glory ships, the Saber Class Shield Generator, the new chunnelers, any planet-destroying Gorbie, and the Iron Lady Command Ship be used by someone other than their original owner with the exact same effect?

The planet destroying Gorbie and the Birdman ability to use 2 Red Winds are race specific. The other ship abilities go with the ship. If the ability is represented by one of the orange icons on the Campaign homeworlds it is race specific. If it is listed in the ship description it is ship specific.