Attention Cyborg: Improved Warp Chunnelling

Sunday, February 27, 2011
Many players have found initiating a Firecloud warp chunnel challenging.  It has a lot of requirements and it can be difficult to know if you have it set up correctly.  We have just released an update which includes a new "Warp Chunnel" button on Firecloud's which will help you to initiate a warp chunnel. Even more importantly if you do setup a correct warp chunnel it will be displayed as a dashed blue line on your starmap. If you do something that disrupts the chunnel the blue line will disappear. 

Note: It is still possible that a warp chunnel will fail if an enemy ship tows either one of the Firecloud's involved in the chunnel. You will now receive a Warp Chunnel Failure message if this happens.  

Let us know if this helps and if you see a need for more.

Happy Chunnelling!