Basic Training Scenario and Custom Maps

Thursday, January 20, 2011
The default configuration for new games starting has now been slightly modified. New games will now begin with a custom 500 planet square map. Each player will also start with 1 transwarp drive medium deep space freighter.  

A new scenario has also been released called "Basic Training".  The basic training scenario is aimed at brand new players who have never played VGA Planets before or are new to the Nu interface.  The Basic Training scenario uses a new Tutorial system to walk the player through the steps required to perform the basic features of the game.  Currently all new players must complete Basic Training before being able to join a game.  

More tutorials are being developed. The first will be a first-game strategy guide which will help new players understand basic strategy as they play their first few turns. 

We would appreciate any feedback or content mistakes you see in the Basic Training scenario!