Be your own host - Private games are here

Monday, April 4, 2011
After many requests to setup private games we've decided to make it possible for any of you to create your own game for you and your friends. If you've always wanted to design and host your own game, now is your chance. Use the Start Game button and select Private Game to design your game. At this time you can design the starmap width/height and number of planets as well as the number of players and win conditions.  More game design options will be added as we progress.  Note: Private games do not provide experience and achievement in the leaderboard.

Have a great time designing your games and playing with your friends! Private games can be a great way to get new players to learn the game.  

Happy Nu Year!

This Nu Year we've also added auto-selling of supplies when building mines, factories and defense posts and an updated player profile screen. 

We've also had a great month for growth. Our community had more than 700 new members sign up and over 100 new players added to standard games. Welcome to all the new players!