Championship Games Begin Joining Soon

Friday, December 9, 2022

Heads up to the top 22 League Teams! We are finalizing the 2022 Emperor and Grand Marshall games and will begin sending invitations to join soon. All members of a team should receive a notification when your team is able to join. After you receive the notification you have 24 hours to join before the next team is invited, giving you first pick for your favored race from those remaining (you can still join anytime after your invitation though, even if you wait and another team joins before you).

Ideally, the chosen player from each team will be able to join during this period, but if for some reason they are unavailable it is OK for another team member to join to reserve the race the team would like, and swap out players later. While we are starting this joining process early, the games will not actually start until January.

These games include the new settings that will be standard in the upcoming 2023 season, namely:

- Ships with gravitonic engines are elusive to Quantum Torpedoes (90% chance to miss)

- Small military hulls cost 1 less PP to build

- Victory Condition is set to a fixed turn ending at turn 140. A player can also win before then by capturing 40% of the planets and holding them for 5 turns.

Now is the time to decide who is playing for your team and what races you might like, if you have not already decided!