Client updates: scan on mobile, horwasp improvements

Thursday, March 3, 2022
Desktop on DESKTOP, just
Click has been reworked internally, it should:
 - set waypoint when you have selected a ship
 - set waypoint when planet is building a pod/ship for horwasp
 - otherwise, select new object
Mouse Move (aka 'hover')
 - will pop up scan window

Desktop on MOBILE, not the new mobile UI
 - there is no mouse move on touch screens, so will show scan when clicking, too.

Together with the Horwasp 3D images, several other changes made it (and a few since):
 - selection of horwasp pod/ship to build: hull names shown to help select pod, faded hull name means you cannot build it
 - warning when launching a pod into deep space / warp well (pod won't launch)
 - warning when not setting a waypoint for a pod at all (this is valid)
 - disallowing setting waypoint when building a horwasp ship (it would't move anyway)
 - show intermediate points in space where pod will be, when launching from planet
 - accellerator stands out (experiment)
 - allow once more to load clans on horwasp ships, when building
 - prediction of effects of workers in workers window, including e.g. information on terraforming
 - special 1/2/3 degrees buttons for terraforming
 - allow playing horwasp in the Mobile UI, which wasn't possible before (beta, changes will happen)
 - replay gained the launching of pods