Cloak Fuel Burn - Critical Change for Cloaking Races

Sunday, May 22, 2011
It has come to our attention that the amount of fuel burned while cloaking has been calculated incorrectly for cloaking ships weight > 100kt. These ships should burn their Floor((hull mass / 100) * 5) fuel per turn. Due to a small miscalculation all ships have been burning 5 fuel per turn regardless of their mass. 

This problem needs to be fixed and will affect Lizard and Fascist players most significantly and Birdman players to a lesser extent (Darkwings and Resolutes do not burn fuel while cloaked). This change could result in some of your ships suddenly running out of fuel and decloaking in bad situations. We do not want that to happen. So this bug fix is going to occur in two parts. Today we changed the user interface to reflect the correct fuel usage. So the program will show you the amount of fuel you are going to burn to cloak. However, the host program which actually uses the fuel will not be changed for 1 week (on 5/29/2011). After that the full fuel usage will take effect. Please plan accordingly on your ships.