Emperor Emork's new Ship - The Godzilla!

Monday, September 1, 2014
Emperor Emork unveiled the details of his new ship at the Planets Conference. The new ship is now available to commanders of the Lizard Alliance in Campaign mode. He held nothing back in building a behemoth of a ship!

Emperor Emork's New Ship:

Name: Godzilla Class Battlecarrier

Hull tech: 10
Beams: 10
Bays: 5
Engines: 4
Crew: 500
Mass: 500
Tank: 500
Cargo: 250
Duranium: 250
Tritanium: 250
Molybdenum: 250
Megacredits: 2500
Advantage: 15

Special Abilities/Restrictions

  • Homeworld: Can only be built at a homeworld planet. Has the unchangable name "Spirit of (homeworld name)".
  • Emork's Spirit bonus: Fights with one additional bay for every homeworld you control. Maximum bays of the ship are 13. Tidal Force Shield: Survives up to 149% damage when fighting planets. 
  • If a Godzilla is destroyed, captured or traded then the colonists on the build homeworld get -100 happiness.
  • Will explode (like a glory device) if you lose control of that homeworld or that homeworld builds another Godzilla.
  • If a Godzilla is tow-captured or traded away then it is a 10/5 carrier without the spirit bonus. 
Campaign Costs to add this ship to your fleet:

Dur: 1250
Tri: 1250
Mol: 1250
MC: 2500

Emperor Emork made a presentation on the details of this ship and it's history. To learn more watch the presentation:

Have fun with the new ship Lizard Commanders!