Emperor Mentar's New Ship

Monday, December 23, 2013
Emperor Mentar has designed and released a new ship and dedicated it's design to his consort Lina. The new ship is called the Tantrum Liner. 

Rumors have been flying ahead of the official release of the ship about what this new ship design is all about. Emperor Mentar and the design crew have been extremely secretive, but inside sources say that Lina is pleased by the result. 

The following "official" specifications have been released:

Name: Tantrum Liner

Cost to build:

Tech: 7
MegaCredits: 120
Duranium: 6
Tritanium: 3
Molybdenum: 16

Mass: 25
Fuel Capacity: 50
Cargo: 10
Crew: 2
Engines: 1
Beams: 1

The Tantrum Liner is equipped with Ion Shielding and a powerful Ion Magnet which is capable of attracting and collecting an Ion Charge. This Ion Charge can then be released in a massive Ion blast or "TANTRUM" (TransAstroNomical TRaversal of Unpredictable Magnitude).  

Details of this tiny ship's Ion collecting mechanisms and the actual affect of the Ion blast have been completely left out of the report. There are rumors that Lina herself was involved in the final designs and that Emperor Mentar may not even know all of the finer points of the resulting design.  

The new hull is available to all Colonies commanders for research in Campaign sectors. It has an advantage value of 30.