Home Sector Update: New Horwasp Assault Games

Monday, June 19, 2023

We have opened a new tier of cooperative games against the Horwasp which you can join from your Home Sector. Much like the Horwasp Invasion scenario, these games will team you up with other commanders to take on a sector overrun by the Horwasp Plague. They feature larger, more complicated maps with a much stronger Horwasp starting position and abilities enabled for a greater challenge.

Be aware that unlimited ammo is turned off in these games, but Novas and Quantum Torpedoes are enabled. You will also have the ability to send additional ships from your home sector as reinforcements as the game proceeds.

These games are intended for more advanced players, so to be able to join these games, you must have unlocked at least 19 sub-sectors (completing the second ring). Winning one will be required to open a particular sub-sector on the third ring.

Additionally, we have made Fed Race Tech 4 available at the command center for players that have completed the Federation Civil War level. This will open the possibility of building Missouris in your Home Sector, which you may find useful to send into the Horwasp Assault levels.

We hope you enjoy this new challenge! Good luck commanders!