Introducing "Blitz" Games (Alpha)

Thursday, February 10, 2011
The VGA Planets Nu team is proud to introduce an entirely new hosting concept - Blitz Games.  Blitz games are 1 on 1 games where two players try to defeat each other on a small map. This game format is designed to be completed in a few hours or a few days depending on the designated settings.  

This is the first new feature we have released which takes advantage of the Nu hosting architecture to provide a novel way to play the game we love. In a Blitz game the official host times are set to one turn per day. However, because there are only two players in the game (possibly up to 4 in the future) the game turns will run as fast as those two players can complete their turns.  

In a Blitz game each player chooses the race they want to play with. It is not possible to see your opponent's race before the game or on turn 1. On turn 2 you can look at the scoreboard to discover what race your opponent is playing.  Blitz games end when one player achieves 90% military score, a player resigns, or either player misses 1 turn. Since blitz games are meant to run quickly missing even one turn is considered a forfeit.  

Since this feature is in its first stages no achievement or experience points will be given for blitz games though we expect this to change in the future. Right now there is only one format available to try: 1 on 1 with a Tiny 18 planet map.  We will be developing more formats as we learn what works and doesn't work from you.  So please give your feedback on the blitz games and let us know your experiences and suggestions for how to improve this new game format.

You can join a blitz game from your "my games" page by clicking on the Blitz game button.