Introducing the Time Machine

Friday, February 4, 2011
A new feature has been released today which lets you "go back in time" to look at your previous turns.  You can use this by clicking on the Time Machine link on your main dashboard.  We only started tracking historical data yesterday however.  So unfortunately you will not be able to go back very far at the moment. We will be storing historical data from now on however.  

The data that is shown is the last status right before host runs. So you can see all the commands you put in just before the host run executed.  

On another note, we've also introduced a new hosting policy.  If a player resigns with less than 1% military score after turn 30 that position will be considered "dead" and no other players will be able to join that position.

Have fun with the new Time Machine and as always let us know if you find any problems.