More Hot Keys added

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Starting up all these new games has lead to a deluge of feature suggestions.  We're going to keep packing them all in to the new game.  In the long run we hope to have everything you can think of and a few more than that, for now expect to see a few new "play enhancing" features added each week.  

We have recently released a few new enhancements:

1) Hyperjump circles: you can now use the map tools menu to create a hyperjump circle around any object in space

2) Increased keyboard support:  Many new hotkeys have been added.  The complete list can be found under the documentation section at /documentation/hotkeys  

3) Basic mine laying outline: When you set your ship to lay mines it will show you how big the minefield will be.  This feature does not yet account for laying mines inside of another minefield. 

Many more to come...