New and Improved Map - But not for IE 7 or 8

Tuesday, January 11, 2011
A new and improved Starmap has been released.  It looks pretty much the same as the current Starmap, however, it can zoom up to 200%.  When you zoom the objects will not get bigger, but rather father apart so you can select items easily when many ships are in close around planets.  In addition, two new hotkeys have been added.  " + " will zoom in the map and " - " will zoom out.  

Unfortunately, the new Starmap uses a technology which is not supported in IE 7 and IE 8.  It was not possible to increase the zoom further with the image based system that we used to support the IE7 and IE8 browsers.  The new Starmap works in IE9, Firefox 3+, Chrome and Opera.  IE7 and IE8 will continue to be supported with the old map.  

The new map will also allow us to start releasing other features such as marking planets with your own colors.  

Enjoy the new map!