New Default Win Conditions

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
After a lot of thinking and a long discussion amongst the players (see here: we have decided to change the default win conditions so that the focus is on capturing planets to achieve victory. This change will only affect new games going forward. 

The new win conditions for a standard game are as follows:  The winner of a game is the first player or alliance to capture 250 planets and hold them for 5 consecutive turns. 

Three additional host rules go along with this: 
  1. Each player can have a maximum of 2 full allies (but as many safe passage peace agreements as you like).
  2. When full alliances are formed or broken all players will be notified. 
  3. When a player or alliance reaches 250 planets a "Victory Countdown" will begin and all players in the game will know they have 5 turns to change the outcome.  


There are several reasons why we are changing the default win conditions to the above:
  1. After looking at the all the games currently on this site and reviewing the statistics from the over 800 historical games from the RCC ladder we have determined this is the simplest and most accurate way to score a game. Players with more planets are usually winning the game. 
  2. Capturing planets is a very clear path to victory which is easy for both old and new players to understand. 
  3. Regardless of how big your military is if you can't capture or defend planets with it, whats the point?  This scoring system should promote combat.
  4. Alliances can enjoy a clear victory together.  
  5. By allowing alliances to end a game together the end of the game can be controlled by the major players in the game. If two opponents decide they no longer wish to fight in a long running game they may choose to form a winning alliance ending the game diplomatically. 
  6. Games should run slightly shorter.  
  7. The name of this game is Planets!  

Affect on the Leaderboard

Players in games with the new "Diplomatic Planets" win condition will receive achievement differently than the current Military Score games.  Experience points will continue to be calculated in the same way.  Achievement will be calculated as follows:
  • Each game will have a game difficulty multiplier which is a number between 1 and 3 based on the quality of the players who join the game. 1 being all new players (easy) and 3 being equal to all the top players playing against each other (the hardest).  
  • For running games (Current Public Opinion) the amount of achievement will be calculated as (number of Planets * Game Difficulty Multiplier).  
  • When a game ends because an alliance has achieved the victory condition the members of the alliance will be awarded (number of planets * game difficulty * 2) achievement points. This is called a Diplomatic Victory.
  • When a game ends because a single player has achieved the victory condition that player will be awarded (number of planets * game difficulty * 3) achievement points.  This is called a Total Victory.  
  • When a game ends all non-winning players will be awarded (number of Planets * Game Difficulty Multiplier) achievement points.
  • Players resigning from a game will simply lose their planets.
  • New players joining a game late will require 20 turns before they get the full achievement value for their planets.
This should result in roughly the same number of achievement points being awarded as the current system but with a more fair distribution based on the end result. 


We hope you enjoy the new win conditions and that you find it to be more fun, fast, accurate and lead to more action in your games.  As always feedback is welcome, if you see a hole or missing piece in the above detailed logic please let us know.