New Public User Feedback System

Friday, October 7, 2011
We have implemented a new public user feedback system for tracking your suggestions and bug reports. The new system is powered by UserVoice which allows each participant to vote up the ideas or issues they think are most important. This will allow you, our fantastic community, to help with prioritizing and tracking our work.  

Why are we doing this? There has been a tremendous number of suggestions and bugs reported in the forums over the past year. While we have tried hard to capture every single one of those bugs and suggestions in our internal systems a few of them have slipped through the cracks. Many of you have asked to be able to see more clearly what we are working on and to ensure that those bugs are not missed. We want that too, and we want you to help decide what we work on. This is where UserVoice comes in.

The new system can be found here: 

It is also available from the "Feedback" link on the main site menu. 

Now we need your help

We have a big list of things on our internal list, but many of them appear out of date or not that important. Plus we know we don't have everything in one good organized list. So now we need your help to bring up all the issues you know are still open or outstanding and enter them into our UserVoice. Feel free to link back to the original forum posts if you can find them.  

Take a look every few days at the feedback system and vote up the things you think are most important and we'll start working on them and completing them.  

You've asked for a louder voice and a more transparent system and this is our answer. Help us make it a success!