Planets League 2021 Melee Madness!

Sunday, May 2, 2021

As we did last year to conclude the joining period for Planets League long format games, we will wrap up with a week of Melee Madness! All other unfilled long format games have been deleted, freeing up those players and teams to join league melee games for the next week. At the end of Melee Madness, the currently joining melee will be started if it has 20 or more players, otherwise it will be deleted. If you haven't joined your long format game this season, this is your last chance, and they are open to everyone!

A reminder on other league dates: 

  • You can still join short format games until November 1st.
  • Accelerated Fight or Fail will begin on all running long format games (and the 2020 Championship and Grand Marshall games) starting September 15.
  • The hard end date for all games is December 1st.