Planets Nu "Campaign Mode" games are now Available for Joining (beta)

Friday, September 14, 2012
The Planets Nu team is happy to announce the arrival of Planets Nu - Campaign Mode games. Resources gained from all of your standard games have been accumulating on your officer home-worlds. These resources can now be used to research special new technologies and ship hull designs which may be used in Campaign games.  

We originally announced the new game play and features several months ago in this post:

Since then we have modified the economic model for earning resources in the "Nuniverse" where your officer home-worlds exist. Each of you has already accumulated a certain amount of wealth depending on your success in your previous and current games and you will continue to earn each turn whenever you capture a new planet or survive to the end of a game. You can research new technology for your officer by going to your officer home page on the site. We'll be incorporating some new links into the old site to make this easier to get to.  

On your officer home-world you can see your total current active advantage. This number can not exceed 450 points. If you are playing a race like the Cyborg or Privateer which are already very close to 450 points you may need to disable some technology or hulls before you can activate new technology. The goal of this 450 point system is to keep the races in balance, but allow every player to customize their race based on their preferences and play style. 

This current release is a "beta" release. None of these new features have been tested in a real game, so now is the chance to try them out. We may find that some are not properly weighted in their advantage value, or that some things are just not interesting to anyone and need to be made more valuable. So there will be more new technology and ship hulls added over time and the existing ones may change until we get a very solid set of advanced features. 

The goal of campaign mode is to make each game more meaningful and allow you to develop a special character with unique advantages in your officer and to play your favorite races just a little different each game. 

Note to the "traditionalists": You do not have to play in Campaign mode games if you aren't interested. There will always be "classic" games. 

The first campaign mode game can be found here:


More games will be created as they fill up. Please report any bugs and have fun!

UPDATE: Here are instructions for researching new technologies.

For each of the races you have used in your games you have your officer which has accumulated some resources.
Step 1) Go to
Step 2) Sign in and go to My Games
Step 3) Click "Show All" to see the list of all your officers/races and games you have played.
Step 4) Click on one of your races where it says Rank and Race Name (the better you have done with that race the more resources you will have) 
Step 5) Your officer homeworld screen will appear showing all the hulls and technologies you already have. 
Step 6) Click on the homeworld to see the resources you have and to manage your technologies. You can research new technologies and enable/disable tech. Remember not to go over 450 advantage points (listed at the bottom of the home planet screen)
Step 7) Click on your starbase to see the hulls you currently have. You can research new hulls from here and enable/disable hulls to stay under the 450 advantage points. 
Once you have enabled any new technologies and hulls you want you can join a Campaign game and those technologies and hulls will be available to you.