Rule Changes For 2023

Sunday, January 15, 2023
Along with the start of the new League Season (soon!), rule changes will go into effect today for newly created games. These changes were announced at the Planets Con last month.

Changes to all standard (non-classic) games:

  • Ships with gravitonic engines are now elusive (10% hit rate) to quantum torpedoes.
  • Small military ships cost 1 less PP to build. The list of effected ships is as follows:
    • Nocturne Class Destroyer
    • Vendetta Class Frigate
    • Vendetta B Class Frigate
    • Vendetta C Class Frigate
    • Vendetta Stealth Class Frigate
    • Banshee Class Destroyer
    • Banshee B Class Destroyer
    • Wild Banshee Class Destroyer
    • Arkham Class Frigate
    • Arkham Class Cruiser
    • Thor Class Frigate
    • Thor B Class Frigate
    • Thor Class Heavy Frigate
    • Reptile Class Destroyer
    • Reptile Class Escort
    • Bright Heart Class Destroyer
    • Bright Heart Light Destroyer
    • Deth Specula Class Frigate
    • Deth Specula Stealth
    • Deth Specula Heavy Frigate
    • D3 Thorn Class Destroyer
    • D19b Nefarious Class Destroyer
    • Saber Class Frigate
    • B222 Destroyer
    • B222b Destroyer
    • Sky Garnet Class Destroyer
    • Sky Garnet Class Frigate
    • Topez Class Gunboat
    • Moscow Class Star Escort
    • Moscow Class Star Destroyer
    • Ru25 Gunboat
    • Super Star Frigate
    • Gaurdian Class Destroyer
    • Gaurdian B Class Destroyer
    • Gaurdian C Class Destroyer
    • Patriot Class Light Carrier
    • Cygnus Class Destroyer
There is one additional change for campaign games:

  • Gorbies for players with Destroy Planet advantage active will cause fear, reducing native and colonist happiness on planets within 100ly.

There are no additional rule changes for Small Format games this year.

System created games that use these rules will be tagged with [2023 Standard Rules] in the description.