Rule Changes For 2022

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Along with the start of the new League Season, rule changes will go into effect today for newly created games. These changes were announced at the Planets Con last month.

Small changes to all standard (non-classic) games:

  • Lizards can only perform Hiss mission with their own hulls
  • When a transfer to a foreign ship that cannot hold all of the transferred cargo, resulting in an overloaded ship where cargo must be dumped, ammo will be prioritized to be kept over other cargo types.
  • Horwasps scan range for Robot ships is lowered to half that of the other races (1/4 of Ship Scan Range = 75ly for default settings)

There are additional rule changes for Small Format games (blitz and dogfights):

  • A planet can have its happiness raised a maximum of +5 per turn by hissings ships (only 1 ship worth).
  • Privateer ground attack raised to 5 : 1. In campaign games, if they also have Shock Troops enabled then 10 : 1.
  • Birdmen get 150% taxes from colonists and natives.
  • Chunnel Stabilization (Dungeon Class Stargate feature) is enabled for the entire map. Basically this allows ships to chunnel even while moving, and lowers the minimum chunnel distance to 1 ly.

System created games that use these rules will be tagged with [2022 Standard Rules] and/or [2022 Small Format Rules] in the description.