The Project is a Go!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
During the Kickstarter fundraising campaign we received a tremendous amount of feedback, emails, comments, offers of support and assistance, not to mention nearly $2500 worth of pledged financial support.  Despite not achieving our funding target we still consider the fundraising effort to be a success in terms of generating excitement, getting the word out to the community and determining whether there is enough of an audience to justify the development effort of a modern version of VGA Planets.  

We have decided to proceed with the project and are now opening the site up for Early Registration.  With early registration you can sign up to reserve your game name and begin discussing the new version in the Forums.  We will be releasing parts of the game as we develop it.  So in the first stages it will not be possible to play a complete game, but it might be possible to build a ship or simulate a battle.  As more features are developed they will be released and we will update the site.  This is what we will call the "Alpha" stage of the product.  Once it is possible to play a complete game we will begin the "Beta" stage where we work out all the remaining bugs.  

We will post regular updates, we expect the alpha stage to take at least 3-4 months.  The work starts now!