The website redesign will be the new home page this week

Monday, April 29, 2013
Attention everyone who isn't already playing at The new website design at will become the main website later this week. In its first stage the home page of will redirect to The old version will continue to be available at There is a link to the page n the upper left corner of the new design. 

Players using the forums should start using the new activity feed system and provide feedback on additional features/tools you want to help make the new activity feed just as effective or better than the current forums. Our goal with the new activity feed to increase player involvement/awareness in the forums and communication going on on the site and to make it easy and fun for new players. 

Note: We are not taking anything away at this point. All players will still be able to access the old site. Our primary goal of the home page redirect is to get new players signing up on the new website which has better selling features and improved tutorials for new players. However, over the next few weeks some features on the old site will be shut down as we continue to transition to the new site.