VGA Planets Nu now in Beta... come and play!

Thursday, November 11, 2010
We are happy to announce that all functionality for VGA Planets Nu has now been added and the game is ready to be played by all.  We are hereby upgrading the status of the project from Alpha to Beta and you are invited to come join in the new Beta games.  

What does all this alpha/beta stuff mean?  By changing the status of the project from alpha to beta we are signifying that we believe the project is ready for real games and that all the functionality has been built.  We can definitely play games of VGA Planets.  However, because this is a beta, there are still some bugs in the game and a few features which should be and will be improved over the coming months.   We have been running the first four alpha test games  (the Rebirth Series) for the past couple of weeks and they will continue to stay ahead of the Beta games.  They will find most of the bugs before the beta games encounter them and we'll be able to fix them.  

So, what it really means is.  Come join in the new games and the new VGA Planets experience!  

We have opened up two new standard games on different schedules (Beta 1 and Beta 2) you can find and join them here: 

We will open up more games if those fill up.  

Thank You to the Rebirth Players

We'd also like to thank all the players in the Rebirth games and other early testers for their continuous support, energy and great attitude toward the testing of the game.  This project could never have reached beta so quickly if not for your support.  Keep up the good work!  

If you encounter any bugs or have questions about the game please post them in the forums.  The game will continue to improve and have more features added over the coming months.

Have fun playing!