After the success of Attack Plan R to destroy the commie plot on earth, I became acutely aware of a greater threat in the Echo Cluster. I first became aware of this threat during the physical act of love. I was able to interpret these feelings correctly, loss of essence! I can assure you it has not recurred. Women sense my power and they seek the life essence. I do not avoid women, but I do deny them my essence.

Attack Plan E to rid the Echo Cluster of this threat, started in the 1990s. I hid my plans on VGAP 3.5” disks as I was aware of a threat against my plans and was put into hibernation.

With the help of Dr. Strangelove, who revived me from my 15 year sleep and replenished my precious bodily fluids, I have redoubled my efforts with Attack Plan E to rid the Echo Cluster of those subversive commie bastards that wish to harm our precious bodily fluids. Today I only drink pure grain alcohol and rain water.