Build your first starbase with Alpha Release 2

Thursday, September 2, 2010
Here we are 8 days after Alpha Release 1 happily announcing Alpha Release 2 titled, "Build Your First Starbase".  This release is a huge step up from the first release and starts to breath life into your home world.  

This release features the first edition of the the new dashboard where you will be able to see all your planets, ships, starbases and messages.  It also has almost complete functionality for controlling your planets including the ability to build a new starbase on your home world.  

To create your first starbase you will need to create a new training game (all existing training games from alpha release 1 have been erased).  Once you create your new training game click "Play" to travel to the Echo cluster.  You will be presented with your dashboard.  On the dashboard you should see that you have 1 Planets.  Click on the planets menu item to see your home world.  You can now navigate directly to your home world by clicking on it in the list.  

Once on your homeworld you can try out the build, change friendly, tax rates and build starbase screens.  When you exit the game any changes you have made should be saved.  Set your planet to build a starbase and exit.  Then "run host" on your training game.  When you return to the game you should see that you now have a starbase.  You can view your starbase and try out the raise defenses, primary orders, raise tech levels and build torpedos screens. 

One major feature addition in Nu over WinPlan is the ability to "undo" everything.  You will see small (+2), (+10) numbers next to everything you touch.  This represents the amount you have added during this turn.  At any time you can "undo" or sell up to this amount during your turn.  Once host runs those things can not be undone.  

We are estimating that there are 3-4 more major alpha releases required before we will be able to set up the first multi player games.  We are aiming for the middle of October (around 6 weeks from now).  

Help with testing

You could help us tremendously by testing the following to see that they are working/calculating correctly:  
  • Colonist growth
  • Colonist happiness calculations
  • Proper events when there is a civil war
  • Proper events when there are riots
  • Correct calculations for planet combat ability
  • Correct mining rates
  • Correct trans-uranium isotope mineral creation
  • No way to buy/sell anything so that you end up with more or less than you started with
If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry!  You don't need to know all these things to play the game.  :)  

Complete release notes for the release can be found here:  Release Notes