Release Notes - VGA Planets Nu

20/8/2013 - CLIENT - Fixed bug in mine laying predictor which showed incorrect number of torps being laid. Changed movement indicator to always show time to arrival instead of "Never!".

20/8/2013 - HOST - Private game creation now includes Ship Limit setting. Fixed bug preventing games with more than 500 planets. Fixed game password bug. 

11/8/2013 - HOST - Now clearing intercept and tow missions on ships you can not see any longer. 

1/5/2013 - HOST/CLIENT - Added functionality for the new Sapphire Class Space Ship.

31/1/2013- HOST - Added EDF rule that does not allow beaming up minerals when the defense shield is active.

29/1/2013 - CLIENT - Modified minesweep and minelay preview to account for command ships.  

29/1/2013 - HOST - Added notification messages for Energy Defense Shields for activation and discovery.

27/1/2013 - HOST/CLIENT - Added functionality for the new Dungeon Class Stargate.

27/1/2013 - PROFILE - Fixed bug preventing profile image uploate (new app) and added Game History. 

19/1/2013 - HOST - Minescan messages added back in. 

19/1/2013 - CLIENT - Updated Minesweep Preview to include Mine Decay.

12/1/2013 - CLIENT - Updated minefield display to include a dot at the center of the minefield and show last scanned in the hover information. 

12/1/2013 - HOST - Fixed bug in HYP that allowed ships to hyperjump through a star cluster or radiation halo. MineScan no longer sends a report.

8/1/2013 - CLIENT - Added Advantages screen to show active advantages and hulls.

7/1/2013 - API - Added score records back into loadplayerinfo api. 

7/1/2013 - HOST - Fixed bug where starbase order was not reset to NONE when a starbase is captured. (caused error when an invalid campaign starbase mission was left enabled) Fixed web drain when matching the universal code. Changed safe passage alliance so that it does not pass minefield friendly codes.

7/1/2013 - CLIENT - Fixed range circles tool. Added on/off highlight color for map tools. Added simple Plugins events for third party user scripts. Fixed purple tow waypoints not showing properly. Fixed cargo title not updating. Added some elements of Helmet Ship Predictor userscript. Added red HYP line when target < 340 or > 360.

7/1/2013 - WEBSITE - Fixed incorrect header in firefox (octal parseint). Formatted homeworld screen for new close button. Fixed change names, fixed empire data game score history.  

4/1/2013 - CLIENT - Updated starbase build screen with "none" button for beams and torpedos, added hull special text to the ship assembly screen, screen now closes after clicking build. (skips a click, but also important to reduce confusion during the first turn tutorial)

4/1/2013 - HOST - Fixed bug in Pawn B Class Baseship which was preventing bioscan. 

24/12/2012 - HOST - Updated leaderboard to reflect losses due to championship matches. 

21/12/2012 - HOST - Updated the host system to store game player history. This will allow all games a player has been in (even if they left the game) to be stored and displayed.

16/12/2012 - CLIENT - Added colonist and native map tools for showing population size and government type. Fixed display bug for saber shield generators not showing correct shield amount. Added combat mass to vcr display. Added darksense/superspy info to hover box display. 

16/12/2012 - HOST - Fixed EE bug returning amorphous bio scans when no natives present. Fixed shield generator ship bug where shield generators were still being applied on the turn when a saber was destroyed. Changed ghost ships to only send a distress call once.

9/12/2012 - HOST - Fixed bug where ships mission could suddenly be reset to Exploration. (occurred after a ship died that was previously towed or intercepted). Also fixed bug where Ion Pulse did not always fire when setting friendly code to mfX.  

8/12/2012 - CLIENT - Minor tweaks to map display for star clusters and debris disks. Fixed colonist tax not updating when changed and waypoint rendering for hyp not updating properly when changing friendly codes.  

7/12/2012 - CLIENT - Fixed bug with new starbase screen not being able to select less torpedo launchers than the required amount.  

1/12/2012 - CLIENT - Minor bug fixes to version 3, select transfer target for large numbers of ships fixed, advanced cloning bug fixed, new close button for left content. Now clicking the title closes the content.  

21/11/2012 - CLIENT/API - Load turn function now returns score change information from the previous turn. Now showing on the scoreboard screen in game. 

21/11/2012 - API - Fix to the reset turn function so that a resign on turn 1 does not make the initial medium deep disappear.  

21/11/2012 - CLIENT - Major release version 3. New map engine, new starbase screen, button sizing and UI changes for touch, integrated web application. 

11/11/2012 - API - Updated Games List API to allow comma separated values for status, gametypes and scope. Also added id list option.

4/11/2012 - API - Added tax rate validation to the save API.

4/11/2012 - CLIENT - Added warp chunnel functionality for b41b and b222b chunnel ships.

21/10/2012 - API - Added profiling code to view api performance metrics and unhandled errors.

21/10/2012 - CLIENT - Updated client to save more data for data validation scenarios. 

13/09/2012 - API - Updated and re-added fast data validation to the Save command to prevent invalid data saves and block possible cheating. 

13/09/2012 - CAMPAIGNS - Release of new campaign mode, update of turn messages to include earnings. First game created.

28/08/2012 - CAMPAIGNS - Release of new homeworld earning model. Resources earned for each planet captured and for reaching the end of a game. Now tracking tons captured, defense destroyed as separate from tons sunk (destruction). 

27/08/2012 - HOST - Now clearing ship history and waypoints for captured ships. Also fixed bug where history was being truncated after 25 turns. 

27/08/2012 - HOST - Fixed incorrect game log messages when a player reaches the win condition for diplmatic planets. (said 50% but might be 40%-60% depending on alliance)

10/08/2012 - CLIENT - Fixed incorrect amorphous colonist population growth for when the worms are angry. 

08/08/2012 - CLIENT - Added feature to show player id in username for dead or open races. (to distinguish players in multi-same-race games).

08/08/2012 - CLIENT - Added feature to include mine laying in the fuel usage calculation. 

16/07/2012 - HOST - Fixed bug where large ships could be towed into a debris disk. (Stellar Cartography)

16/07/2012 - CLIENT - Fixed bug where wrong radiation amount was shown for gravitonic ships. (Stellar Cartography)

16/07/2012 - CLIENT - Fixed bug where wrong image was displayed when building a starbase in a radiation cluster or debris disk. (Stellar Cartography)

16/07/2012 - HOST - CREATE MAP - Fixed bug where one planetoid in each debris disc was getting 0% density.

16/07/2012 - HOST - Fixed bug where fuel was not added to the planet during a "land and disassemble" mission.

11/07/2012 - HOST - Fixed bug in the starbase Max Defense! mission for Mining Stations and Starbases with Radiation shielding (Stellar Cartography). 

05/07/2012 - HOST - Fixed ion storm merging so that the correct new centerpoint is being used. Was previously merging to the location of the weaker storm.

05/07/2012 - HOST - Fixed bug related to ship multi-waypoints being malformed and causing host error.

25/06/2012 - HOST - Fixed mine scan error where a ship which is destroyed in combat did not update mine scan information for display on the map (but a message was sent). 

25/06/2012 - HOST - Fixed host error where ships which just attacked and captured a planet could still be seen. (Introduced with improvement to store weapon scan information from combat)

18/06/2012 - WEBSITE - Added error handling to user profile screen so that one game with a data error could not affect the display of the entire profile. 

18/06/2012 - CLIENT - Fixed style bug in Notes where color box was overlapping OK button. Also fixed bug which was affecting Firefox and IE preventing clearing of color choice. 

15/06/2012 - CLIENT - Fixed saving bug when entering the time machine right before exiting which caused the last commands to not be saved.

15/06/2012 - CLIENT - Fixed bug in ship history display which had all history lines pointing to the ship's current position.

15/06/2012 - CLIENT - Changed file version number to vgap2.1.js to ensure client update.

13/06/2012 - HOST - Update to include new "soft" minefield limit. For games where more than 500 minefields have been laid, minefields smaller than 1000 mine units with no enemy ships within 200ly are removed (to maintain a maximum of 500) - All live games affected.


Alpha Release 4 (Oct 25, 2010):

New Client Functions:
  • Battle Simulator
  • VCR Player
  • Message Center
  • Scoreboard
  • Ion Storms displayed
  • Minefields Displayed
  • Waypoints displayed
  • Hyperjump circle (for hyperjump ships)
  • Fix/Recycle Ships
New Host Functions:
  • Cloak
  • Meteor Shower
  • Sensor Sweep & Bioscan
  • Loki Decloak
  • Cloak Fail
  • Super Spy and Super Spy Deluxe
  • Minefields
  • Lady Royale
  • Mission 9s: Rob, Hiss, Build Fighters, Repair Self, Dark Sense
  • Transfers to foreign ship
  • Beam Transfers
  • Planets beam up money
  • Alchemy
  • Web mines
  • Ion Storms
  • Mine sweep
  • Mine decay
  • Mines destroy mines
  • Web drain
  • Starbase Fix and Recycle
  • Clone ships
  • Super Refit
  • Mass Check Repair MKT
  • Tow Capture
  • Glory Devices
  • Firecloud Chunnel
  • Free fighters at starbases
  • New Natives appear
  • Colonise ships
  • Ship vs Ship combat
  • Ship vs Planet combat
  • Borg gather debris
  • Terraforming
  • Fascist Pillage Planet
  • Rebel Ground Attack
  • Borg assimillation
  • Messages for all game functions
  • Score calculation
  • Priority points
  • Priority build queue
  • Auto Build Planet Structures to Target
Notable Bug Fixes:
  • Too many to list....

Alpha Release 3 (Sept 28, 2010):

Patches after Sept 28,2010:
  • Tax and happiness bugs (challengspaceyard, tyrion and strangelooper)
  • Fuel not beaming off of neutral planets (challengespaceyard)
  • Warp factor can now be set to 0 (jens)
  • Scenario Leaderboard now showing up
  • Couldn't create game without scenario fixed.
  • Training Scenario Eco Burst ended with 3 starbases regardless of the number of planets (Lord Willems)
  • Cyborg assimilation.
  • Changing from Ship to starbase now deselects the ship (challengspaceyard)
  • Starbase Primary Missions: Refuel, Max Defense, Load Torps, Unload Freighters, Repair Base
  • Planets with a single quote in the name were not allowing tranfser (dustin, challengspaceyard)
  • Building a starbase on a planet with humanoid, ghipsoldal, amphibian or siliconoid now gives tech 10 (wfbrown53)

New Client Functions:
  • Build Ship Screens
  • Ship Screen
  • Ship Change Name Screen
  • Ship Change Friendly Screen
  • Ship Change Enemy Screen
  • Ship Change Mission Screen
  • Transfer Screen - Ship to Planet, Ship to Ship, Ship to Unowned Planet
  • Basic Messages Dashboard
  • Ships Dashboard
  • Planet to Planet, Ship to Ship, Starbase to Starbase record Navigation (first, back, next)
  • More hotkeys
  • Ship select destination on starmap
New Host Functions:
  • Buy components
  • Build Ship
  • Resource, Torpedo and Fighter Transfers, ship to ship, planet to ship, starbase to ship
  • Each player now only sees what they are supposed to see (Scanning)
  • Gather Missions
  • Move Ships
  • Privateer Gravitonic Accellerators
  • Warp Well Calculations
  • Training Scenario Engine
  • "Eco Burst" Training Scenario
Notable Bug Fixes:
  • Mining minerals now fixed (donaldworrell)
  • Host turn and client turn out of sync (dustin)
  • Homeworlds have no natives (donaldworrell)
  • Raise/Lower hull tech gives free money (albatross)
  • Buy supplies from previous turn (crumble)

Alpha Release 2 (Sept 02, 2010): 

New Client Functions: 

  • Initial Dashboard setup including selecting planets you own and starbases you own
  • Basic Starmap zoom in and zoom out
  • Control Planet Selector (green line selector) 
  • Planet change friendly code
  • Planet build buildings 
  • Planet change tax rates
  • Planet changes are saved 
  • Planet build starbase 
  • Commas in large numbers. 
  • Starbase Screen 
  • Starbase Raise Defenses 
  • Starbase Raise Tech
  • Starbase Primary Order 
  • Starbase Build Torpedos 
  • Starbase changes are saved 
  • First Hotkeys, f=Change Friendly Code, x=close current window 

New Host functions: 

  • Build structures 
  • Structure Decay 
  • Colonists Grow or Die 
  • Taxes Tax 
  • Mines Mine 
  • Factories produce supplies 
  • Overpopulation occurs
  • Isotope TransUranium mineral production 
  • Update Happiness 
  • Riots 
  • Civil Wars 
  • Amorphous eat clans 

Bug fixes: 

  • Homeworlds: 50 degrees (100 for crystals) 
  • No natives on homeworlds 
  • Fixed red X (close button) not working in IE8. 
  • Fixed "no home world" issue

Alpha Release 1 (August 25, 2010):

  • UI Framework 
  • Host Framework 
  • Genesis Framework 
  • Game Database 
  • Master Database