Win Conditions

Different games of Planets have different Win Conditions. Be sure to check the win conditions on a game before joining so you know what you are trying to accomplish. The following are the possible win conditions:

Diplomatic Planets

Diplomatic Planets is the primary win condition for most battles. You win in Diplomatic Planets by capturing a certain number of planets by yourself or with some allies and then holding those planets for 5 turns. The following # of planets are required to win in diplomatic planets battles:
  • As a single player: capture 40% of the planets (200 on a 500 planet map) and hold for 5 turns

  • As a two player alliance: capture 50% of the planets (250 on a 500 planet map) and hold for 5 turns

  • As a three player alliance: capture 60% of the planets (300 on a 500 planet map) and hold for 5 turns
Note: Maps that have Debris Disks will have less than the normal 500 planets (each debris disk replaces one planet) so the win conditions may be slightly lower. Example: 40% may end up being 198 or 199 planets etc.  

Total Planets

Total Planets battles are similar to Diplomatic Planets but can only be won by one player. This win condition is most often used in Championship battles. 
  • Single player only: capture 50% of the planets and hold for 5 turns

Military Score

Military score battles are economic battles. They are decided by obtaining a certain percentage of the total overall military score. This is commonly used for blitz games where you must have 90% of the military score to win. In standard games you must have 65% of the military score. 

Fixed Turns

Fixed turn games will end on a certain turn. The player with the most planets on the specified turn wins.  

All Planets

You must capture all planets on the map to win.