The Robots are a race of that has survived the death of their makers. It is thought that the makers of the Robots were a race similar to the Lizards only smaller and weaker. The Robots base most their ship designs around the basestar fighter carrier design. Robots have only one ship  type that can launch torpedoes. Even the Robot's fuel tanker can launch fighters. The favorite ship in the Robotic fleet is the tech 6 Instrumentality class baseship. It is the size of a battleship and can carry up to 80 fighters. The largest basestar can carry 300 fighters .

Can lay mines far better than all other races. They can make four times more mine units per torpedo. This makes their minefields 4 times as larger than normal. However, only one robot ship can lay mines, the Cat's Paw Class Destroyer. All robot ships with fighter bays can build fighters in space using 3 tritanium, 2 molybdenum and 5 supply units per fighter.

The Pawn Class comes with a Bio Scanner.