Alliances and Diplomacy

Planets Nu has several different levels of alliances which you can set from the diplomacy screen:
  • Blocked - The user can not send you messages
  • None - Normal turn by turn deep space communication only
  • Ambassador - Send an ambassador to allow immediate (relayed by email) communication
  • Safe Passage - Share information about your minefields and allow the other player to fly through them
  • Share Intel - Share information about the location of your planets and ships and enemy planets and ships
  • Full Ally - Share all information about your planets and ships and enemies planets and ships


When you send an ambassador to another race it is an indication that you wish to open communication with them for diplomatic purposes. Once you send an ambassador to another race they will be able to send messages to you without the normal 1 turn delay. Any messages they send will be relayed through your account email address.

You will not be able to send immediate messages to them until they send an ambassador to you.

Safe Passage

When you grant safe passage to another player you will transmit information about all of your minefields and their ships will not hit your mines when passing through them. By granting safe passage you will not be able to sweep the minefields of the opposing player. You are not able to fly through the opposing player's minefields unless they also grant safe passage with you.

Share Intel

When you share intel with another player you will transmit the location (only the location) of all the planets that you currently own and the location of all of your ships. You will also transmit all ship and planet information from other races that you know about unless you are already allied with the other race.  

Important: If you share intel with a race your shared information will not be shared with any of their other allies. Information can only be shared directly. (Since the Strategic Information Sharing Act of Year 0011)

Full Allied

Full allied works exactly like Share Intel except that you will send all information including the friendly code about your planets and all information except the friendly code about your ships. In addition, fully allies can combine their scores to win games where diplomatic victories are permitted (like the DiplomaticPlanets win condition).   

Full alliances only begin to function once both parties have given a full alliance to each other.