Crystal People

Crystal People are a silicon based life forms about 3 foot tall, with no limbs and a metallic color. They have two large  glowing eyes in the middle of their polyhedron form. Larger Crystalline ships are very powerful and tend to favor beam type weapons. They have several small ship types that are useful in exploring planets and capturing freighters. Their main weapon of choice is the dreaded web minefield. They use these fields to trap enemy vessels, drain them of fuel and then tow the victim home after it is out of fuel to force it to surrender using a tow capture.

They own a ship that will turn all planets into deserts. Onyx Class Frigate: Will make any planet turn into a hot boiling pool of rock and desert (temp 100).

The Crystal People can lay WEB MINES in space that cause starships to come to a dead stop for one month.

Any ship that is in a web minefield loses 25 KT of fuel per turn trying to keep the shields up.