The  Cyborg are a half humanoid and half machine race. The Cyborgs have many small scout ships and probes. These come in very handy in finding their enemy's home world. The Cyborg battleship is the size of two Birdmen battleships. All damaged Cyborg ships can stop and repair themselves at a rate of 10% per turn. The Cyborg are able to assimilate natives into colonists. The assimilation rate is 1 native is converted for each colonist per turn.

They own one of the most feared weapons ever seen in the echo cluster, the Firecloud Class Warp Chunneler, a ship that can deliver a fleet of combat vessels to any point in space.

The Cyborgs have some of the most powerful starships, the Cyborg Cube ships.

The Cyborg ships are able to repair in space at a rate of 10% per turn. A Cyborg ship that is repairing cannot move.

When a Cyborg ship destroys an enemy ship the hull debris and fuel is beam aboard in the form of minerals.

Cyborg colonists that are placed on a planet that has native population will be assimilated into Cyborg colonists. The natives are converted to Cyborg at a rate of one native for every Cyborg on the planet.