The Lizards are a very small alliance of large boulder throwing humanoid lizard men with large nasty teeth. There are only a few starships  types that they build.

They  have the plans to one Fed research vessel that the like to use for scouting out minerals and cooling hot
planets. Eros Class Research Vessel: It will make a planet cooler until climate type 50 is reached.
The smaller Lizard ships tend to be solidly built with large cargo holds and medium firepower.

All starships with a Lizard crew can withstand 150% damage before exploding, when in combat against any enemy
ship. The Lizard crew can not hold a planet together when combating an enemy planet. The planetary tidal forces are too great for the crew to prevent the hull from braking up.

The Lizards are a strong and powerful physically. Their skin acts as a very tough natural armor. They are very resistant to extreme cold and heat and weapons of  all types. A ship with a Lizard crew can survive over 150% damage before blowing up. Lizards are 30 times more skilled at ground combat that any other race. Lizards love to take over colony worlds by just landing Lizard colonists.

They are very good at extracting minerals from the ground. The weakest Lizards can toss 500 pound boulders
around with ease. All Lizard mineral mines produce twice the minerals as any other race.

Some small Lizard ships can cloak.

The Lizards have a special "HISSSSSSSSSS" Mission that will stops civil wars by transmitting threatening radio and
video messages to planetary populations. The fear of big Lizards stomping on their planet tends to calm them down.
(Only ships with beam weapons can do the HISSSSS mission)

The Lizards can also build the Loki Class Destroyer that can decloak all enemy ships within 10 light years.