Explanation of the Leaderboard

The VGA Planets Nu leader board represents the current officers from the races of the Echo Cluster.  Each player can develop one officer for each race.  These officers are battling to become Emperor.  There can be only one Reigning Emperor of the Echo Cluster at one time, so achieving this goal is extremely difficult.  

Championship Matches

Every six months (of real Earth time) a Championship match will begin.  The top ranking players from each Race at the time will be invited to participate in the Championship match.  Players who participate in these games will be given the special title of "Supreme Commander" of their race during the Championship game.  The winner of each Championship match will become the new "Reigning Emperor of the Echo Cluster".

As each Championship match ends, the title of Emperor will pass from one player to another.  Therefore, some Emperors may have shorter or longer periods of power. (much like normal history)

The ultimate achievement a player could make would be to become Emperor of the Echo Cluster in every Race.

The Road to Supreme Commander

In order to become the Supreme commander of a race and have an opportunity to compete in a championship match you must first become the top ranking officer for a give race.  The top officers can be viewed on the leaderboard.   To get promoted to a top ranking officer you must gain Experience and Achievements.  Both experience and achievements are gained by playing games of VGA Planets. 

The following ranks may be obtained by accumulating Experience and Achievements:

Each rank for each race is associated with a given ship hull.  This represents the current rank and ship type that the officer is serving on.


Any good officer must have a lot of experience before achieving a new rank. Experience points are gained by playing in live games against other players or in training games as outlined below:
  1. Training Games - Each time a player completes a training scenario they gain experience.

  2. Live Games - In games against other players experience points are gained for each turn played.


Just having a long career in the fleet will not ensure that you become promoted.  You must prove yourself worthy by having success in battle. Achievement points are required to obtain all the higher ranks. They can only be earned by defeating other players in live games. The following events will give you achievement points:
  1. Destroying enemy ships, planets and starbases in combat.

  2. Capturing enemy ships in combat or by tow capture.

  3. Ranking high in a game.

Historical Achievements vs Current Public Opinion

There are two types of achievement points which are combined to determine the total achievement of a player. 

The first are Historical Achievements.  These are achievement points which are gained by destroying enemy ships, or from completed games. These are "solid historical achievements" which can never be taken away from a player. 

The second is the Current Public Opinion of the people of the race which the player is representing. Public opinion is based on a players current score in the games they are playing.  Public Opinion can sway up and down as a players score increases or decreases over the course of a game.  


The destruction rating represents the amount of enemy ships and planets destroyed in live games. This is a good indicator of how aggressive a player is.