Colonies of Man

The Colonies of Man are very similar to the rebels and share many of the same ship designs. The flag ship of their fleet is one of the most powerful ships in the universe. This mighty ship is the tech 10 Virgo class battlestar that can hold up to 40 more fighters than the Evil Empire's battlecarrier and is only about half the size. Even with all those fighters it still has room for beam weapon banks.

The Colonials can use fighters to sweep for mines. Each fighter can destroy 20 mines per turn. If the ship doing the mine sweeping has beam weapons then the ship will also use the beam weapons to destroy mines simultaneously.

The mine sweeping fighters can travel 100 light years from the carrier when on a mine sweeping mission.

Colonial ships that have fighters bays can build fighters in space using 3 tritanium, 2 molybdenum and 5 supply units per fighter.

The Colonies can build the Cobol Class Research Vessel and Lady Royale