The starchart map shows planets as white dots, your ships as green dot and enemy ships as red dots. Any planets that you own will have blue circles around them. If you have any ships in orbit around any planets they will show up as green circles.

A red circle means that an enemy ship is in orbit about your planet.

A light blue circle means that you have a starbase at this planet.

A green cross is one of your ships.

A red cross is an enemy ship.

You can set two points on the main starchart to measure the distance between objects in space. Three hot keys control the setting and clearing of these points. The distance is displayed on the starchart control panel in RED over the N-M markings.

You can use the left mouse button to lock your chart information panel on an object. The panel will display a panel of data on the object and in some cases let you scan or enter notes on the object. If you own the object (such as a ship, planet or starbase) you can jump to the objects control panel. 

If the RMC box is checked. The right mouse button moves the whole starchart by centering the chart on the current position of the mouse pointer.
If the RMC box is not checked the right mouse button will jump you into your ship or planetthat you own.
At high ZOOM levels the names and ID numbers of objects on the starmap are visible.
The HYPcommand button places three great a red rings around the current selected object at 350 LY. This is the distance that a ship can hyper jump.
If the waypoints option is turned on both your ships and enemy ships will show projected ship waypoints or  heading vector and speed. Your ships will have show the true waypoint of you ship as a green line. Enemy ships will be plotted with a red line, which is a guess of  to the current ship heading vector and speed.  If the enemy ship changes heading or speed this plot will be wrong. If the red vector line of the enemy ship crosses a planet, it is very likely that is their true waypoint. The heading and speed vector of ion storms be displayed as a yellow vector line.

The grid lines option will plot a line grid over the starchart spaced every 100 light years.
The plot minerals command will plot mineral, populations and megacredits of all your planets by placing a series of circles around your planets. The greater the amount of the selected item, the greater the number and size of circles plotted. You can select varies trigger levels for the selected items.

The objects that can be seen on the chart include: