Military Score

The VGA Planets Nu Military Score is based on the AutoScore game add on and uses the following rules:

AutoScore takes each item to be added to the race's AutoScore and breaks it down by each items' cost of construction, both Minerals and Money. Then AutoScore awards 1 point for each Credit and 5 points for each Mineral used in its construction. These Points are totaled together for each item of military strength in the race's empire to total that race's total AutoScore. That's it!

The following Military items are the items that are scored towards each race's AutoScore:

  • WARSHIPS: Any ship with a Beam, Torp Tube or Fighter Bay is considered a Warship by AutoScore (yes, even a Q-Tanker). Each Warship's AutoScore value is totaled based on the entire cost of the ship. This includes the cost of the Hull, Engines, Beams, Torp Tubes and Armament (Torps and Fighters). Totals do not include cargo on board.

    The remaining three categories are totaled and then halved due to the fact that they are not mobile and therefore pose less of a threat to a mobile fleet:

  • BASE DEFENSES: The cost of the base's Defense Posts and Fighters are totaled for addition to the race's AutoScore.

  • PLANETARY DEFENSES: The cost of the planet's Defense Posts are totaled for addition to the race's AutoScore.

  • MINEFIELDS: The total number of mine units contained in all minefields, owned by that race, are totaled, then divided by 100 (this assumes Mark 8's) and fractions are truncated. The cost of this many Mark 8 torpedoes is then totaled for addition to the race's AutoScore (in terms of per mine unit, this would yield a value of .69/2 = .345 points per mine unit).