The Birdmen share several ship designs with the Fascists. Birdmen like to paint their ships to look like giant birds so
that they can make low passes over planets and really scare the pants off the native population before landing and
jumping out in their armored bird suits to take over the planet.

Birdmen ships tend to be solidly armored and pack heavy firepower. They have a tech 6 carrier that can hold up to 80 fighters that can be very dangerous. The Birdmen battleship is slightly larger than the Lizard battleship and has more firepower.

The Birdmen are very sneaky. Many of their ships can hide using a cloaking device built into the space frame (hull) of their ships. Cloaked ships do not show up on enemy scanners and protect them from enemy attack.

Cloaked ships are less likely to hit a space mine than a visible ship. Cloaking does not protect a ship from web style
mines. Ships that are out of fuel cannot cloak.

The Birdmen are very good at spying on enemy planets. They can use their
"Super Spy " mission to get a normal exploration report plus a "Spy" report that has the enemy's planetary friendly code, however 20% of the time the enemy will catch the spy team and be warned that the friendly code has been discovered. 

Any ship that can cloak will be cloaked during the "Super Spy" mission. There is a danger of the enemy planet setting off an Ion Pulse that will uncloak any ships that are cloaked above the planet, including ships that are on a super spy  mission.

The Birdmen can spy on enemy planets and even change their friendly codes using the super spy mission.