The Rebels are a group of warriors who depend on their fighters to provide a low cost offensive power. Their ships
follow no standard design. They are mostly converted freighters and armored transports. The ships may not be pretty but they get the job done. Rebel ships have only a few weapon banks at best.

They have many small friendly robots on board all their fighter carriers that build fighters when ever they can find 3 
tritanium, 2 molybdenum and 5 supply units laying around, whatever the ship's mission.

The Rebel Ground Attack Mission (sabotage planet)

Any of the Rebel's ships can land a very small team of saboteurs onto the planet's surface. The team will destroy 30% of the planet's money, 40% of the planets supplies, 20% of the defense outposts, 60% of the mineral mines and 30% of the factories. In doing so 20% of the colonists on the planet will be killed off. This will really upset the colonists! If there are any natives on the planet they will be very pleased about everything being destroyed. Rebels can "self-destruct" their own planets if they wish by using this ground attack mission.

Rebel planets can not be detected by the Imperial Dark Sense mission. It is not known why. The Empire is also unable to fool the bio scanners of a ship that is owned by the Rebels.

Rebels are able to support up to 9,000,000 colonists on ice planets with temperatures of 19 or less.