Bio Scanner

The Cobol, Pawn and Brynhild class starships are capable of detecting native life on other planets.  If the starships
mission is sensor sweep this ability will be activated.  The range of the native life detecting is the same as the sensor
sweep range. The bio scanner on the Cobol and Brynhild is be able to lock onto about 20% of all planets in range per turn. The bio scanner on the Pawn will scan 100% of all planets with in range. The planets that you own will not be scanned by the bio scanner. The mission will tell you the type and number of natives that are living on a planet with in its sensor range. 
It will also tell you the climate of a planet with native life. The mission will not tell you which race, if any, owns the planet.
Twenty or more defense outposts will  shield a planet from the bio scanners. The Evil Empire is able to cause bio
scanners to return false readings. The Evil Empire can not fool the bio scanners of ships belonging to the Rebels, it is
unknow why.

(Only works with HOST Version 3.20 or Better)