League Promo 2022! Get Free Stuff!

Sunday, February 6, 2022
The 2022 league season is underway and we're back for another league promotion. 

Join any league game (short or long format) between now and the end of February to earn 3 months of free premium membership or 10000 megacredits (if already premium) to spend on fleet upgrades! 

Over 60 teams competed in the 2021 season and the championship matches are now underway. Let's make the 2022 season an even bigger success. Find a league team or start your own. 

League is the best place for fun, competitive, community oriented play. Each player plays in various short and long format games to earn points for their team over the course of the season - top teams earn fun prizes and a chance to play in the championship matches. Get started today!

Note that there have been some changes to the scoring for this season. You can find the details here:  https://planets.nu/#/post/planets-league-2022