The Leader board has Arrived

Sunday, January 9, 2011
The Nu leader board has arrived.  The leader board is the player ranking system here at VGA Planets Nu.  At the heart of the new ranking system is the quest to become the Reigning Emperor of the Echo cluster. This system in combination with the new Grand Theater map will allow players of similar skill levels to find and compete against each other.  It will also allow players to continually develop characters for each race with the long term goal of being appointed Supreme Commander and competing to become Emperor.  


The VGA Planets Nu leader board represents the current officers from the races of the Echo Cluster.  Each player can develop one officer for each race. These officers are battling to become Emperor.  There can be only one Reigning Emperor of the Echo Cluster at one time, so achieving this goal is extremely difficult.  

Championship Matches

Every six months (of real Earth time) a Championship match will begin.  The top ranking players from each Race at the time will be invited to participate in the Championship match.  Players who participate in these games will be given the special title of "Supreme Commander" of their race during the Championship game.  The winner of each Championship match will become the new "Reigning Emperor of the Echo Cluster".

As each Championship match ends, the title of Emperor will pass from one player to another.  Therefore, some Emperors may have shorter or longer periods of power. (much like normal history)

The ultimate achievement a player could make would be to become Emperor of the Echo Cluster in every Race.

More Information

A detailed description of how the leaderboard works can be found here:
To view the current leaders go to

As always, please post suggestions, feedback and bug reports in the forums.  We're always looking for ways to improve and your feedback has been invaluable in the development of Nu thus far.  Thank you for being such an awesome community!